New technologies like horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and steerable bits have enabled development of new energy reserves. The United States downstream construction sector is benefitting from the recent boom in shale gas production.

Activity for natural gas liquids (NGLs), fractionators, ethylene crackers and petrochemical infrastructure construction is increasing, primarily along the US Gulf Coast. According to Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine, over 3.5 MMtpy of new cracker capacity is planned to come online by 2017. Natural Gas Production reached record levels in 2012, and are expected to surpass coal for the #2 spot behind Oil as a Global Fuel.

The severe service ball valves we manufacture and coat play a significant role in petrochemical refining and gas liquids production. Whether you need full service or a specific service, we have solutions for the Refining industry.

EIA Shale Map (Energy Information Administration)