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Watson Valve Services and Process Plants International announce, “Watson Valve Services, Australia”


Watson Valve Services Inc. announces “Watson Valve Services, Australia.”  Watson Valve will now have the ability to support the supply of its severe service valve products to non-U.S. domestic sites from its Australian based service agent, Process Plants International (PPi) under the name, “Watson Valve Services, Australia.”

PPi personnel are factory trained by Watson Valve to perform overhauls on its full line of severe service metal seated ball valve products. Watson Valve Services’ Houston Headquarters will support PPi with access to continued engineering, technical and laboratory support.

MiningPPi produces and keeps records of valve performance and repair reports. While PPi is based out of Australia, they also have “on-site” repair capabilities, to shorten down-time for the end user.

About PPi: Process Plants International (PPi) supports clients with the arduous duties of operating autoclaves in base and precious metals projects.  PPi currently operates across Australia, Papua New Guinea, Turkey and Russia.  PPi’s multi-discipline approach maximizes efficiency and minimizes durations.  PPi provides world leading / best practice pressure leach technology for minerals and metals.  We also facilitate the necessary isolations, testing and other general work activities that modern work practices now demand.  The PPi approach has been developed from our involvement with 11 gold autoclaves and 11 nickel autoclaves around the world.  (Source:

RepairsWatson Valve Services Australia: Process Plants International is pleased to provide valve services to support the Watson Valve product line. The partnership was born out of PPi’s search for a better severe service valve to use in its many mining sites globally.  These searches lead the PPi team to Watson Valve Services in Houston.  After 20 years of experience in the Hydrometallurgy industry the founders of PPi wanted to be able to offer their clients a better option for the supply and service of severe service valves.  “Watson Valve Services offered the perfect fit for the business”, one of PPi’s founders, Adam Hamer, said.  “The combination of full in house manufacturing, and market leading coating facilities and research made Watson’s the standout for us.”  PPi will provide technicians that have been trained at the Watson headquarters in Houston who can travel globally to service and support the Watson Valve products. The PPi Watson Valve Services Australia team will operate out of a purpose built facility in Australia and can provide quick turn around on all in house rebuilds or can travel to the clients’ site anywhere in the world to perform the services.

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